Whole Earth

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As peanut butter emerged as a new health food trend there was a bit of a mad scramble for the top spot.

We helped Whole Earth become the UKs most successful peanut butter brand.

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We needed to make sure Whole Earth peanut Butter was the number one choice among health conscious foodies with a social media strategy that engaged the pants off nut lovers.

Our strategy was to work with influencers. But proper ones. This wasn’t about getting @beautyqueen909 to hold up a jar of peanut butter on her IG feed and then move on. You don’t need an agency for that and it doesn’t do your brand credibility any good.

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We hand-picked influencers who were properly passionate about health and fitness and did several collaborations with them.

From inspiring people to get up and out at Autumn to running a race against a horse, this was proper deep relationship stuff that really worked.

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4.4 million

Reach on our Autumn influencer campaign

Our content received national press coverage

5.3 million

Impressions on our Autumn influencer campaign


Total Engagements on
our Autumn influencer campaign

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