Raise the profile of politics among a youth audience on the most important year in British political history in a lifetime


Young people aged 16-24 often don't want to talk about politics and look for their own ways to express themselves. They are also less swayed by the opinions of government and brands than generations before them. To mobilise their vote we needed to appeal to these truths.


Rather than extol the virtues of voting as countless campaigns before had, we took a different tact, asking people instead to create a piece of music around the issues they care about. We branded and worked with newly formed charity Tracks For Change and partnered with major youth influencers such as Maisie Williams (Game of Thrones) and Jamal Edwards (SBTV) to get the message out there.


Started a conversation online about youth issues and how they relate to politics.

Reached 4M young people with zero media.

Received hundreds if entries, exceeding target.

Nominated for a The Drum Social Buzz Awards 2016.


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