Cubaka Win at CorpComms Digi Awards 2015


We were pleased to pick up an CorpsComms award for our work building Lidl's personality online.

Here's a summary from the judges (you can read more on the CorpComms site):

"In the past, Lidl would have tweeted or posted pictures of products alongside relevant information which did little to engage customers or encourage them to share. Over the past nine months, Lidl has overhauled its social media strategy, following the appointment of agency Cubaka, to implement a new tone of voice that is self-aware, witty and occasionally scathing.

The new strategy is three-pronged. There are ‘everyday giggles’, daily content that is used to keep Lidl customers informed about what is in-store that week, providing new opportunities to visit. ‘Organised fun’ is pre-planned and used to engage customers in unexpected ways to drive awareness of key products, while ‘reactive LOLs’ respond to the news of the day.

The strategy runs across all Lidl’s social channels, but has been most successful over Twitter, where the number of followers rose seven-fold in the six months after the new tone of voice was implemented, and now stands at more than 173,000.

The new approach has also increased online (and media) coverage of Lidl. The supermarket has just a 3.4 per cent share of the marketplace but in March, for example, had nine per cent share of voice, beating bigger rivals such as Morrisons (11 per cent market share) and Waitrose (five per cent). And while engagement rates have reached around 25 per cent, they average about ten to 11 per cent against an industry average of two per cent.

The approach has also served to reduce discontent. In March, Lidl had the lowest percentage share of negativity in the sector, at just eight per cent, which is five times lower than many competitors.

‘The excellence of this campaign has been to apply it to a brand that has previously not attempted to deploy humour and with such impressive and drastically improved results. Whereas the increased share of voice and reduction in social media negative sentiment don’t necessarily link directly to footfall in stores or increased sales revenue, they are beneficial to Lidl and should be applauded,’ said the judges. ‘The speed at which the company and its agency reacted after the One Direction split is particularly impressive – not just from a social media perspective but joined up with in-store pricing.’"

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