How to Measure Success on Social Media


How do you know whether all your efforts on social media have even helped helped to grow your business?

After all, “likes” are just “likes” unless they attract new clients. How do you
know whether your audience are actively engaging in and interested in what you have to say?

  • Look for a slow but steady gain in followers – this proves that word of mouth is spreading.
  • Look less at likes, and more at comments - if people love what you do, they’ll be sure to share their appreciation or admiration.
  • Look for direct messages – they show people want to know more.
  • Look for tags – if people are tagging you in a positive post, they’re spreading the word about your brand to their whole audience.
  • Look at your blog post views – are your posts translating to more clicks-throughs to your website?

If none of this is currently happening, it might be time to pay more attention to what your audience needs, and work on building an authentic community.

For that is what social is: a community. Not just another online shop, but a place to engage with and inspire other people and, ultimately, cheer each other on.

Sarah Fretwell is a Copywriter at Cubaka.

Sarah is a Copywriter and Community Manager with a background in digital marketing and advertising. When she's not writing and conceptualising creative ideas, you'll find her on the yoga mat.