3D Posts on Facebook: Another Dimension to the Platform?


Facebook recently announced that they are adding a new element to the platform - interactive posts of 3D objects - which will enable users to scroll around virtual items on screen.

Users will be able to drag-and-drop 3D objects within the News Feed, thanks to a format known as glTF 2.0, creating a user experience similar to that of 3D modelling.

If Facebook can make this successful, there are huge opportunities up for grabs for brands that create aesthetically or performance-driven products.


What does this mean for users?

Such a futuristic way of sharing products could arguably place other social networks in the shade, as users flock to Facebook to explore a completely different virtual world, rather than just looking at a product in a photo.

On the flip side, is Facebook in danger of doing too much?

The News Feed is crowded as it is, with a constant bombardment of memories, friend’s posts, advertisements, events, shares, tags, recommendations, notifications to post or of events that you couldn’t care less about…

Could this 3D venture be just another toy to play with in an already overcrowded toy shop?


What does this mean for brands?

3D modelling is a largely new and exciting pat - one that when trodden carefully will enable brands to offer their users an even more wondrous, immersive experience than in-store shopping.

Products such as furniture, footwear, watches, phones and tech - anything that needs to be taken for a test-drive before the purchase stage - could find themselves rendered into 3D objects to be inspected, explored, compared and analysed from every angle by potential customers on Facebook - which, in turn, makes the path to purchase so much easier and quicker.

But it’s not for everyone.

To decide whether Facebook 3D is for you, ask yourself: Would your next customer benefit from feeling like they’re holding your product in their hands?

If the answer is no, it might not be the right tech for you.


There’s no doubt that Facebook 3D is an exciting new way of advertising for brands that rely on their product’s aesthetic as the key selling point. Will users of the platform appreciate this new toy as much as brands? The jury’s out.


Sarah Fretwell is a Copywriter at Cubaka.

Sarah is a Copywriter and Community Manager with a background in digital marketing and advertising. When she's not writing and conceptualising creative ideas, you'll find her on the yoga mat.