Why Brands Should Use Facebook Live


Live streaming - it's the future. It's also extremely scary.

We've all seen (or heard of) Candace Payne, the Chewbacca mom - who sat in her car in a parking lot, and live streamed her excitement at her new toy. To date, this video has been watched over 165 million times, with Candace now becoming a celebrity in her own right (and speaking at various companies).

On the flip side, we've also all seen a Facebook live video from a friend which has randomly popped up on your News Feed. This is normally something which they feel is hilarious, but in reality, it isn't.

Therefore, why should more brands be using Facebook Live Video? What's the return on doing a live video well? What are the tips you need to know?

Be creative:

As with anything on social media nowadays, everyone has seen everything. If you feel you are first in showing your users something, you won't be - someone will have done it before (and it'll probably be Buzzfeed).

However, there is a difference between being original, and being unique. Your idea may have been done before, but you can put your own spin on it, and create something which truly shows your brand off in a strong light. Do you remember the #DrummondPuddleWatch? I've seen countless social live feeds, all watching one item. Each one has a different spin on the same idea, and it works for each brand.

Be humane:

One of the most rewarding elements of live video is your brand can present some of the lucky people who run it. Sometimes, it's forgotten that behind every tweet, Facebook message or Instagram is a human being with thoughts, feeling and emotions. If you've got an interview, or an event which you are streaming live, pop one of your employees in front of the camera and give them a chance to shine.

Be forward thinking:

Last month, I watched the Inauguration of the new President of the United States through my Twitter feed. I watched history happen while tweets were coming in at light speed under a certain hashtag. I've seen TV channels and radio stations live stream features and stories through their Facebook pages.

Each time a brand page goes live, every follower receives a notification to watch it. All of these big businesses have seen the power of live video (especially on Facebook), and are making the most of it.

Additionally, you don't need the highest level of technology to create a fantastic Facebook live video - a simple tripod, good quality mic and phone can create amazing results. Be brave, take a chance and use your power to spread your influence further afield.

It's 2017 - there's no point in living in the past and thinking that people don't want to see what's happening there and then. Go live, and you'll feel the rush.

Laurence Hebberd is a Community Manager at Cubaka.

In the past, he's worked across B2B and B2C and has spoken at various conferences and events around the world. In his spare time, he performs stand up comedy and loves live music. You can follow him at @LaurenceHebberd.