Social Media in 2018: Predictions by Team Cubaka


As we approach the end of the year, it's time to look back at what 2017 has created, and what 2018 may have in store. As a team, we're always thinking forward and seeing how we can improve our work, and our client's output.

Here are the predictions from the next 12 months from members of the Cubaka team:

I think chat bots and artificial intelligence are likely to be big in 2018!

The less work you have to do to find out what you need to know, the better. For example, I see this integrating into social with people using it to ask quick questions about products.
— Chanun Singh, Account Executive

Influencers will become just as big, if not bigger, than celebrities in advertising campaigns.

They are the way forward for brands raising awareness and fast tracking to advocacy.
— Lauren Sams - Account Manager

The main trend which I for-see happening in a big day in 2018 is the death of copy.

Realistically, people don’t want to read anything anymore, they want to watch and be entertained, inspired or learn. We will see brands using videos in any way possible, to grab people’s attention, and draw them away from competitors.

Oh, and chat bots too. I can’t wait to build my first chat bot.
— Laurence Hebberd - Community Manager

I think YouTube is becoming more and more commercial and I see it being dominated with more celebrities and TV shows.

I think traditional independent YouTubers will migrate to another platform (potentially Facebook) or a new video platform all together will emerge.

I think Instagram will push live video more and more, and will improve their filters as its currently inferior to Snapchat’s.

I feel that’s one of the only things holding Instagram back from taking over completely from Snapchat.

Could 2018 could be the year Snapchat dies?
— Rosie Howe - Creative

I think Instagram stories will become even bigger with new tech additions such as being able to re-visit old Instagram stories again, more control over how long they stay visible etc.

Facebook - even longer videos and Facebook Live with new tech additions, because these have been hugely popular with brands this year.
— Sarah Fretwell, Copywriter

In 2018, tone of voice will be driven more by the native tone of the platform you’re on, and less by the brand bible. We’re already seeing brands like Asda using more provocative language in their community management.

So far, this is in conversations rather than public posts, but expect this ‘Paddy Power effect’ on copy to leak into brands that have so far been squeaky clean.
— Sonja Todd, Senior Copywriter

Who knows what the new year will bring?

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