How to Build a Fitness and Wellbeing Community on Social Media


Being a yoga teacher, I follow a lot of fitness and health brands on social media, and the ones that truly “get” social are the ones that make me want to try their classes or product - without a hard-sell.


They have built a community.

If you want to inspire people, show rather than tell, right? Community is a huge driver for bringing in new clients for fitness and wellness brands. If you have customers that love what your brand has to offer, seize that opportunity and share their experience with your audience.

Be it a photo of your packed yoga/fitness class filled with smiling faces, or a happy client enjoying your product, people love sharing their experience with their own networks.

Word-of-mouth is an incredibly powerful tool, and best of all, it’s free for you. If a person browsing your profile sees other people raving about your class or product, whether in the comments or in tagged photos of your brand, you’re already halfway there to gaining another follower or better yet, a loyal client.

So how do you build a community?

  • Be authentic: be the brand that has its own voice, not the voice of someone else.
  • Dare to be different: share your unique message and you’ll attract people who are truly interested in this.
  • Be genuine: keep it real, keep it YOU.
  • Remember your mission statement: is this new venture or partnership in line with your brand values?
  • Engage your audience: reply to comments, offer advice and be helpful through community management.

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Sarah Fretwell is a Copywriter at Cubaka.

Sarah is a Copywriter and Community Manager with a background in digital marketing and advertising. When she's not writing and conceptualising creative ideas, you'll find her on the yoga mat.