Round the Clock Community Management


Our client Toyota decided to run a seriously ambitious social campaign for the launch of the new Yaris. The car was built to deal with the every day problems motorists face - so the social campaign was developed to do the same.


We built a custom process which would allow us to engage through social channels with people with everyday issues. Our community managers categorised 'issues' and then escalated to the Saatchi and Saatchi creative team. 

Each 'issue' then had customised rap lyrics developed and rapped in studio, before being laid down alongside pre-prepared visuals, so that a personalised rap song and video could be delivered to in a matter of minutes.


The campaign was ground-breaking and ambitious. it also involved us working around the clock for the duration of the campaign in the guts of the Saatchi building in Charlotte Street (see video). 


This campaign needed weeks of resource and creative planning, a bespoke community management software build, a heck of a lot of teamwork, pizza and a bottle of bubbly (to celebrate the end of the campaign).

The ‘Gadget Guy’ TV creative has been a big hit for the all new Yaris, and has made an impact in the conversations of our target audience. The shout out campaign takes this a step further, giving them a great piece of content that is both fun and sharable, while reinforcing the clever and pioneering features of the all new Yaris.