Twerking Can Help Your Social Business


There is a video that’s gone viral on YouTube entitled “Worst Twerk Fail EVER – Girl Catches Fire!“. The video is of a girl ‘twerking’ (Google it…) whilst doing a hand-stand, leaning up against a door and guess what…someone walks in, knocking her over onto a glass table with several burning candles. She catches fire. Screaming ensues and then the video comes to an abrupt end.

The video has notched up an astonishing 11 million views in just over a week. The success of this video is down to sharing. Largely the story was picked up by US media outlets namely Fox News, MSNBC, CNN, KLTA Morning News…even Whoppi Goldberg was talking about it on her popular chat show over in the States.


In steps Jimmy Kimmel, host of a popular chat show in America: Jimmy Kimmel Live!

On his show he was talking about twerking (seriously, Google it) and how popular it has become in a short space of time. They bring up the aforementioned video and show it, only this time the full, uncut version and there’s a twist. It’s actually a video made by Jimmy Kimmel and his team and the uncut version shows Jimmy putting the girl out with a fire extinguisher at the end, previously unseen in the ‘original’ version.

Like shopping in Dubai, this is a real fake. It’s real enough that people genuinely believe it is, but scratch under the surface and it’s a setup. So, over 11 million views later we learn that we’ve been duped.

So how much of the content that ends up in your newsfeed is actually planned and executed to a tee? Well, we must remember that there is ‘brand viral content’ and ‘consumer viral content’. Interestingly ‘consumer viral content’ can often lead to a whole new generation of superstar, the YouTube superstar! This is worthy of a whole blog post in itself (did anyone say Bieber?).

‘Brand viral content’ is meticulously planned and here’s how this was a success:

– The Idea – Twerking is currently a hot topic, started by Miley Cyrus at MTVs recent Music Video Awards.
– The Planning – The creative team behind the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show.
– The Content – A superbly executed ‘fail’ style video featuring said twerking.
– The Outreach – US news channels, major new outlets and celebrities helped to spread the word.
– The Result – Already well over 11 million YouTube views…in a week.

You’ll need to be ready to invest in ideas and content to push it out as far and wide as you can, which doesn’t have to necessarily be with your target audience. You want people to talk and share, this’ll need a little help before it happens organically. This will help by using influencers in your network to amplify your message, in this case the new and celebs.

Like watching a professional athlete, an epic viral video looks effortless. However, development and publishing of such content must be carefully thought out. So, whether it’s twerking or a music video or even a car commercial, careful planning and execution could help push your content to a global audience on a massive scale.

Right, back to t’work you lot.

By Oliwer Kmiecik, Social Media Manager for Toyota at cubaka. Follow him on Twitter @carbonollie.