It’s All About Context, You Know


With the holiday season coming up some of us might have to make trips to the airport to pick up visiting relatives. If you happen to be going to Heathrow, try to get a look at BA’s latest outdoor campaign.

Using new custom surveillance technology, the billboards tracks BA aircrafts as they pass over and shows an image of a child pointing to the plane with the copy displaying the flight number and destination before following up with a relevant sales message. Not only do I love the technology behind this campaign but I love the execution, which taps into my childhood fascination with airplanes.

Although real-time marketing isn’t exactly a new trend, it has so far been limited to Twitter (Oreo’s Super Bowl ad, pictured, being one of the most well-known examples), mainly because of the social platform gives advertisers the best opportunity to react to the latest breaking news and events.

It is already widely discussed that we are entering a new age in advertising where context is paramount but however, BA have raised the bar here, and with technologies improving all the time I expect to see many more brands trying their hand at producing entertaining and sharable content in response to events as and when they happen.

(If you aren’t going by Heathrow, BA’s ad can also be seen in Piccadilly Circus, but the context isn’t really the same there.)

Damian Pang is an Account Manager at cubaka