When Dyno extended their business offering to include plumbing and heating (not just drains), our challenge was to launch this message via social. The overall objective was to reposition the brand as the home emergency heroes, elevating them to more than just the ‘local plumber’.

We needed a communication strand that would work towards instilling trust, brand loyalty (and some humour to boot) to top it off. 


Home owners are both emotionally and financially invested in their properties. When things don’t run smoothly they need a skilled local team on hand who can undertake the job efficiently and return their home to its former glory.


Video was deemed the most appropriate route for this. It's a simple, clear way to use humour to demonstrate Dyno's light-hearted nature and the fact they don't take themselves too seriously.

We began working on this purely for social, but the concept grew into a regionalised TVC advert for ITV Yorkshire. 


  • 3,000 extra hours spent with the brand
  • Over 3 million impressions
  • Less than 1p per view

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